Started in 2018 when the members came together and realized that there was a need to unite the best of many bands into one, making a powerful, skilled and ready to move backing band. Each member was already playing in other bands, supporting traveling artists and creating original music for the local music scene in South Florida. Collectively, over the years, each one of the members had played together out of necessity of their own bands missing members or playing as a fill in for other projects. It wasn't until the idea came to fullness that if we selected specific members of some of the best bands in the region, put them together and formed one authentic roots band united with this massive strength of talent, that we could form a premier, elite, versatile unit that is ready for the world. thus...

The 1 Tribe band was formed ...

Rastafari is at the core of this band making it's focus on being authentic to the true conscious roots reggae that uplifts the world.  The members of 1 Tribe hail from all over the world and it is the music of the many cultures that unites the musicians, sound and ultimately the fans.

Bassie hails from the birthplace of Reggae - the island of Jamaica, while Drummy hails from another reggae iconic island location - St. Croix. The bands Guitarist is from Haiti, and Vocalist/Guitarist comes from the Turks and Caicos islands. Rounding out the sound is the keyboard section with players from Spain and another from the United States.  Each of the members have extensive musical backgrounds and each one brings a uniqueness to the sound, however there is one thing for sure... Rastafari Roots music is the core!

1 Tribe Band brings the unity of Rastafari Roots Reggae music to the world!